You play as Voltaire, the lastborn son of Dracula, aided by your uncles Frank and Stein, who are accomplices in your attempt to prove that bloodsucking is not the only way to thrive in this creepy, cute, hand-drawn world.

⇝ COLLECT resources and magical seeds that react to their surroundings.

⇝ FARM plots of land that will provide you with sweet, sweet nourishment.

⇝ DEFEND your crops against your father’s malefic goons.

⇝ FIGHT mythical creatures to collect your uncles’ bounties.

Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire is an action-farming-roguelite filled with whimsical flora and mischievous creatures that want to ruin your dark, vampiric plans of… going vegan!

To conquer your bloodlusting hunger you’ll need to tap into all your skills, a bit of magic, and a whole lot of veggies! It’s not so easy to substitute those juicy human necks.

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